The subsidiary company TRANS-SERVICE-GEORGIA LLC

The subsidiary company TRANS-SERVICE-GEORGIA was established in 2012 and successfully operates in the territory of Georgia.
TRANS-SERVICE-GEORGIA is a company specializing in cranes and loading equipment repairs in ports and industrial enterprises of Georgia, e.g. Batumi Sea Port LLC, Batumi International Container Terminal LLC, Poti Sea Commercial Port, etc.

The main areas of activity of the subsidiary company TRANS-SERVICE GEORGIA are:

  • delivery, assembly, installation, erection and commissioning of gantry cranes;
  • routine warranty/after-warranty service and scheduled maintenance, routine, overhaul and emergency repairs of gantry cranes;
  • support and guidance in expert examination (diagnostics), technical survey (inspection and testing) of cranes, modernization of crane equipment;
  • executing of engineering works package for the relocation of gantry cranes.

Maintenance and repair works are performed taking into account all customers’ requirements, using modern special equipment, and in compliance with labour and environment protection legislation and safety requirements.
The company has a production center equipped with machining facilities for repair and restoration of parts and components of the equipment being repaired.
The company employs skilled professionals having longstanding experience and highly qualified for repairs of any complexity. Cross-functional team have been trained and certified at the loading equipment manufacturing plants.

The most recent works performed by TRANS-SERVICE GEORGIA are:

  • a series of works in the area of Batumi sea port LLC covering assembly and erection of 2 new gantry cranes "AIST" manufactured by "RIKON", Latvia;
  • a series of engineering works on the relocation of the gantry crane "AIST M / T grab" from berth No. 7 to berth No. 8 of Batumi Sea Port LLC;
  • a series of engineering services on the repair of gantry cranes Albatros and Gantz in the area of Batumi International Container Terminal;
  • repair works for restoring the performance of 3 units of gantry cranes Albatros in Batumi Sea Port LLC;
  • modernization and upgrading of gantry crane drive control systems through the removal the old relay-contactor system and installation of a new control system for crane asynchronous AC motors, replacing DC analog converters and all cabling/wiring of 3 units of gantry cranes Sokol in the Poti Commercial Sea Port.


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